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Island Women
Exhibition design and curation

The Isle of Dogs has a history of strong working women. Their example is followed in the present.

This display at Canary Wharf contrasts women’s work when the island was an industrial powerhouse with predictions from the next generation of female workers.

Open daily: Jubilee Walk,
Canada Place, Canary Wharf

Gulangyu Island Identity
Research and intervention 

Part of the Chinese Government’s campaign to achieve UNESCO Status for the Island of Gulangyu in the South China Sea, this project investigated the concept of ‘identity’ on Gulangyu Island. What does identity mean to people on the island and how does the island choose to identify itself? Through public interventions, working with and leading a team of students from China Academy of Art, we introduced people to an alternative heritage strand on the island and explored the story of the pinyin system - which originated from the island but not often known.

The project was presented to UNESCO and Chinese officials on Gulangyu Island at China’s First Creative Forum in 2016.

Death in the Ice
Exhibition design

Major exhibition at the Royal Museums Greenwich, exploring the fate of Sir John Franklin and crew on their final expedition – a unsolved mystery. The main exhibition identity takes inspiration from Victorian fly posters – a key news sharing method in the 1800s. I devised a modular hanging system for the shipwreck discovery exhibit, referencing eroded wreck finds.

Exhibition design by Celine Delcher.

Exhibition identity for the National Trust

The identity needed to showcase a personal collection and carry themes of exile and persecution.


Japanese Woodblock
Temporary exhibition design

Three works by different ukiyo-e artists illustrate the skill needed to create a traditional woodblock print. The focus of the display is a full-colour triptych by Kunisada. The display design references print hanging methods; panels titles are incised paper, reflecting the cutting technique of woodblock making.

In collaboration with Designer, Aaron Jones.


Anna is a London-based freelance designer and researcher, who collaborates with spatial designers, curators, writers and digital designers to create experiences for cultural, commercial and public spaces.
Clients include the British Musem, Royal Museums Greenwich and the National Trust. 

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MA Narrative Environments,
Central Saint Martins, UAL

BA Graphic Design,
Camberwell College of Arts, UAL